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The new Search Console Index Coverage Issues report is a better tool than old search console which combines the old Google Search Console Webmaster Tools indexation reports through sitemap feature. This new feature called “Index Coverage Report” provides you information about how Google is crawling and indexing your web pages you’ve submitted through submitting XML Sitemap.

That means, you as the website owner manager should make sure that Google is not having errors and warning while indexing your web site, or else it will not show your web pages in Google search results.

How to Fix New Search Console Index Coverage Issues

The above video showed you basics, and it does not matter what type of website that you operate, the report can show you errors, if this is the case, you must actually fix them because Google apart from all the other search engines combined will bring you the most amount website traffic.

In Depth Look at Search Console Index Coverage Report

The above video showed you bit more insight about the index coverage report and what to look for when fixing problems.

New Video Tutorial Showing Fixes for Search Console Index Coverage Server Errors 5xx for WordPress Built Websites

While here, keep in mind that Google Search Console is your website’s success tool because its provided by Google to help you identify and fix issues that Google web crawlers may be having when accessing your website. That means, its in your best interest to be persistent when fixing these problems for your website. Wanna learn more about

What is Index Coverage Issue Shown in Google Search Console?

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